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The Simply Luxurious Life is a destination to find inspiration, ideas and information on how to live your very own simply luxurious life. If you have questions along your journey about how to handle certain topics in the areas of creating a fullfilling life, love, relationships, money, fashion , decor, traveling, fitness, entertaining and anything else that I've discussed here on the blog, please email me your questions, and I will respond in a timely manner (currently readers receive a response within 1-2 weeks) - I look forward to hearing from you!



When did you begin blogging?
How do you balance blogging and teaching full-time?
One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from fellow teachers or anyone just starting out
in blogging while working full-time is how do I balance it all. During the first two years I worked everyday
after school and on the weekends to get the blog off the ground, but I quickly realized I needed
to set boundaries. So at least one, sometimes two times a week the computer gets a break and I
enjoy the exploration and relaxation that is needed to balance both careers that I love.

As far as when do I blog – as soon as I come home after work (after I take my dogs for a walk)
I set aside enough time to write. By creating a consistent schedule for posting (see below),
I can plan my week out in advance. A few organizational tools that have helped me: an editorial
wall calendar (to keep my ideas organized – see here), a Moleskin journal with me at all times
for ideas that pop into my head no matter where I am or what I’m doing and a true passion for
living simply luxuriously. Ultimately, if you love what you are doing, you will find the time.
While there is no question I am exhausted at times, I couldn’t imagine not having the opportunity
to write, share and explore. For specific list of 13 Time Management habits I incorporate into
my life that help me immensely, I have created an episode of the podcast to share just this
information in specific detail.

What advice can you share with bloggers just starting out?
As a blogger I continue to learn and discover new and better ways of sharing content readers
want to read, but the top three pieces of advice that have helped me along my journey: (1)
post consistently (whether it’s weekly or daily), (2) choose a niche that isn’t too narrow,
and (3) allow your readers to get to know you, but still keep your personal life private.

Who is the artist behind all of the illustrations found on the blog?
I feel so fortunate that I have come across Inslee Fariss’ talents early in my blogging career.
Inslee is a fashion illustrator based out of New York City. You can visit her website and shop
to peruse her calendars, stationary and request a commissioned original illustration. All
illustrations you find here on The Simply Luxurious Life has been commissioned exclusively
for the blog. Please do not use without permission.

What is the motivation behind the clothing you choose to spotlight on the blog?
All of the clothing chosen is based on my personal tastes and preferences, adhering to the
premise of living simply luxuriously – quality over quantity. While I do include top designer
items, I don’t expect readers to purchase the entire outfit. When styling an outfit, it is my
goal to reveal how to pull items together, provide inspiration to include anything in your closet
that you already have and then find that missing item that will complete the look.

While from time to time, a trend will be included, I do my best to spotlight clothing that is of
high quality and that upon purchasing will last for years to come so that the woman who is
building her capsule wardrobe can feel comfortable, confident and stylish as she goes about
her everyday routine. Some of the clothing spotlighted on the blog is associated with affiliate
links. If a post is sponsored by a brand, a disclosure footnote will be included at the end of the post.

How frequently do you blog?
Readers can stop by Monday through Friday for a new daily post on a weekly topic:

  • Mondays – The Simply Sophisticate Podcast
  • Tuesdays – Style inspiration
  • Wednesday – Why not …?
  • Thursday – Decor inspiration or Outfit of the Week
  • Friday – This & That and the Weekly Newsletter


Love the music on the podcast. Where can I buy it?
On Monday’s episode and the primary music for the entire podcast is titled “Walking in Paris”
and the music for Saturday’s Au Courant Weekly is titled “Fresh and Sunny Bossa”

Where and what do you teach?
Since 2002 I have taught secondary Language Arts and social sciences. Currently,
I am teaching in Bend, Oregon.